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Simplify your analytics with Looker, the evolved analytics platform by Google

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See a Looker Demo and the exclusive tools that make it easy to convert to Looker.

Looker is a powerful business intelligence (BI) tool that is completely cloud-based, offers a user-friendly workflow, and facilitates dashboard collaboration.

Looker includes embedded analytics, workflow integrations, and custom data apps. 

Simplify your IT support and unlock value by moving from legacy BI tools to a modern BI platform.

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Unify teams around reliable, centralized data. Looker’s business intelligence software helps you to define the metrics that drive your business while giving everyone single-point access to trustworthy data.

Since Looker is entirely web-based, you don’t have to worry about software installation or updates. It also allows for easy content link-sharing.

Looker’s multi-cloud capabilities allow you to easily change where you choose to deploy Looker and which underlying cloud database you want to use. It has no impact on the end user’s experience. 

Business intelligence analysts and non-technical users alike can use Looker. Analysts with SQL experience can define and maintain business rules for their organization while less tech-savvy users can access and interact with content relevant to them.

Developers can also use the Looker platform to build and deploy their own custom end-to-end applications. Alternatively, they can start with Looker pre-built applications such as web analytics, marketing analytics, and sales analytics.

Move it Analytics uses AI-driven conversion tools and years of BI expertise to use and enhance the logic that already exists.

Move it Analytics is intended for companies that:

✅ Have an existing legacy BI Tool
✅ Want to start their digital transformation journey and convert to a modern Analytics tool
✅ Want to leverage their current investment and save effort
❌ Do NOT want to have to start over

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Did you miss our webinar?
See a Looker Demo and the exclusive tools that make it easy to convert to Looker.

If you want to see how Looker and Move it Analytics can help you with specific use cases or if you have further questions, book a free 1:1 consultation with one of our data experts and explore the future of Business Intelligence.

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