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Simplify your analytics with Looker, the evolved analytics platform by Google

AI-Assisted Modernization

Simplify your IT support and unlock value by moving from legacy BI tools to a modern BI platform. Move it Analytics uses AI-driven conversion tools and years of BI expertise to use and enhance the logic that already exists.

Move it Analytics has the expertise, specific proprietary tools, and plans for the following use cases:

Migrate from your Legacy BI to Looker

Take advantage of evolving trends in data infrastructure and make use of evolved analytics platforms on top of a new modern technology foundation to enable secure access to near real-time data when and where you need it.

Move it Analytics is intended for companies that:

✅Have an existing legacy BI Tool
✅Want to start their digital transformation journey and convert to a modern Analytics tool
✅Want to leverage their current investment and save effort
❌Do NOT want to have to start over

Start migrating your BI environment today!

One of our Experts can help you get started and explain you the different options you have to simplify your BI environment and become a data-driven organization. Schedule a consultation with us today.

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